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Window & Door Caulking Restoration Services NYC


New York experiences hot summers and cold winters so ensuring that your building is properly sealed to prevent the flow of air exchange from the inside and outside of your building. Leaks around doors and windows can result in up to 30% of a buildings heating and cooling energy being lost. While newly constructed homes are less likely to have large amounts of heat leaking around the doors and windows, older buildings often have cracks and crevices and old or missing caulking that can result in energy loss and higher energy bills for your buildings. Whether you have a newly constructed home or an older home that needs a bit of restoration Haroon Contracting can check for those energy leaks around your doors and windows and if need be properly seal and/or caulk the areas to help prevent energy leaks and in many cases reduce your energy cost by 10% or 15% or more.

New Construction


Newly constructed buildings are normally designed and built to be more energy efficient than older homes that were build 70 years ago or more. New materials along with better sealants and caulking materials allows builders to better seal your doors and windows. However, there may be some cases where your energy cost may be higher than anticipated and may want to want to a professional licensed contractor check your doors and windows to ensure that they are sealed and caulk properly.

At Haroon Construction we have professional contractors that specialize in installing, inspecting and sealing and caulking windows and doors. They will be more than happy to inspect the windows and doors of your new home to make sure that are sealed properly and make you aware of any problems you may have with leaks around doors and windows.

If Haroon does the construction on your new home, they will double check to ensure that your doors and windows are properly sealed.

Restoration of Older Buildings


Restoration of older buildings may or may not involve replacing old windows for newer more energy efficient newer windows or may simply involve making repairs to door and window frames and resealing or re-caulking older windows and doors to prevent the exchange of indoor or outdoor air.

In some cases, such as when you hire Haroon Contracting to replace your window lintels or sills, have repairs done near windows or doors or to a door frame the caulking and sealing of the existing windows may be part of the process to ensure that everything is done correctly during the renovation.
In other cases, you may simply want us at Haroon Contracting to inspect your windows and doors of your older building for air leaks and are re-caulk or reseal the problem areas for more energy efficiency.

In older homes, caulking and sealing will involve doing a complete inspection of your doors and windows, and then preparing the area by removing old caulking or sealants before putting in new caulking or sealants to take care of the leaks.

In some cases the problem may be the window itself has become loose from the surrounding frame (noticeable when windows rattle during high winds) and in other cases a gap may have developed between the window and its trim and the actual window frame.

While small gaps may be able to be fixed with a little caulking, larger cracks or separation may require a small layer of insulation to be placed between the trim and frame and then either caulked over or sealed to take of the leaks.
In other situations, the window glass may need to removed from its trim and placed into new trim or reset in the old trim using sealants or caulking materials to prevent the air leaks.



The cost of sealing the windows and doors for any building will depend a great number of variables including:

  •   The size of the building a multiple storied building obviously makes working on windows and doors more difficult than a single level dwelling because there will be a need for scaffolding and other tools that aren’t normally needed with a one or two story home.
  •   The number of window and doors that need to be caulked or sealed. The more windows and doors that need to be caulked the more material and time needed to complete the job so the higher the cost.
  •   Other repairs that need to be done. If door or window frames or window trim needs to be repaired or replaced before your windows and doors can be properly sealed then you will pay more for this service.
  •   The type of caulking or sealant that is needed. Different windows or doors may require different types of caulking or sealants to fix the properly and prevent air leakage and not types of caulking or sealants are the same the same price.

Cost Vs. Savings


While caulking and sealing those doors and windows may cost you some money upfront the amount of lost energy that results from doing so may add up to substantial savings in the future, which may be a huge benefit in the long term.

Free Consultation


If you are having difficulty keeping building warm in the winter and cool in the summer and feel that your windows or doors may be adding to your high energy cost why give us a call at 718-252- 2839 and we will be more than happy to inspect your building and offer you a free consultation complete with suggestions on dealing with your problem and estimates for our services.
Best of all we service all of New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island so wherever you are we can meet your door and window caulking and sealing needs.







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