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Stucco Systems and EIFS Systems


Stucco and EIFS systems are used on the exterior of many buildings in New York. Both Stucco and EIFS are used to to cover other exterior materials that are not considered to be visually appealing. These systems are often applied over metal, concrete, cinder block or other types of building materials and give the buildings a better look than some of these materials.

The Older of these two systems is the Stucco system and though it has undergone some changes this building finish has been around for a long time. EIFS systems (Exterior Insulate Finish Systems) are much newer and often referred to as synthetic stucco.

Here is a look at how the two systems are applied.

Today’s Stucco System


Today’s Stucco system known as the one coat system, although it actually uses two layers of stucco is fairly easy to apply. A weather resistant barrier is placed over the substrate (cinder block, concrete etc.) and a wire lath is then attached to the substrate layer. Over the wire lath the first coat of Stucco is applied. Stucco is applied wet and then dries to a dense solid. The base coat is fairly thick since it around ½ in thickness.

Once the base coat coat dries, a finish coat of stucco which come in a wide range of colors is smoothed over the base coat and again allowed to dry.
Stucco in older buildings consisted of three coats which were known as the base, brown and finish layers.)

EIFS Systems


EIFS systems were introduce sometime in the 1950s

EIFS Systems consists of insulation board that is placed over the substrate layer. In some cases there may be multiple layers of insulation board as this board can be cut into shapes to provide features on the building exteriors. Over the insulation board a thin base of PB (normally) EIFS is applied with fiberglass embedded in the base coat.

Once the base coat dries a second layer or finish layer of EIFS is applied.
Both Stucco and EIFS systems form a nice looking and durable finish over the buildings exterior and is often cheaper than other types of finishing materials and also often needs less maintenance.

Which is Better Stucco or EIFS?


If you are wondering which better, the answer is that both systems have their benefits and it is a simple matter of which benefit is a higher priority for you.

Traditional stucco is less likely to absorb water and therefore is more impervious to water damage from rain, snow and other weather conditions. It is also denser and a bit more durable so it is less likely to become dinged from strayed baseballs or being bumped by various objects that EIFS is.
On the other hand, EIFS allows for decorative features on your building, which Stucco cannot support and since it more layered it also may be slightly more insulating.

Both Stucco and EIFS are fire resistant and both are great materials for blocking out outside noises, and both come in a wide variety of colors.

Experience That Matters


At Haroon Construction we have contractors that are both trained and skilled in Stucco and IEFS system application and repair. We have the right tools to get the job done right and the experience to ensure that you get the absolutely best finish possible.
Whether you are embarking on a new building project and want to finish your building in either Stucco or EIFS, have an old building that you are renovating and want to finish off the building in Stucco or EIFS to give the exterior of your building a much needed face lift, or need renovations on a stucco or EIFS building our experienced contractors will be able to meet your needs.

Free Consultation


Whatever project you have in mind we will be more than happy to sit down with and discuss your project making sure we understand your vision and your needs for your building’s exterior. We will discuss with you any potential problems and explain your options for dealing with those problems.

We will even send one of our contractors out to location so we can better understand your vision and needs and will give you a free estimate for our services including the length of time it will take us to complete your project.
We service a large area of New York City including Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island and Long Island and have over 20 years experience in building facade renovation, restoration and preservation for all different types of buildings including commercial, residential, historical, and landmark buildings. So we know our stuff.

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