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NYC Professional Sidewalk Contractors and Stone Paving Experts


You can have the most attractive and well maintained building in the entire city, but if the walkway in front of your building is chipped, broken and if the poses a risk to your customers or clients it can detract for your entire building looks and value.

Maintaining the condition of your sidewalk or walkway will only add to the value of your property.

If your sidewalk or walkway is in disrepair then let our professional sidewalk and stone paving experts here at Haroon Contracting provide you with the concrete and stone paving services you want and need.

What Our Concrete and Stone Paving Services Entails


In most cases sidewalks or walkways are made of concrete, brick or paving stones. Our concrete and stone paving services entails the repair, replacement or installation of all of these materials, whichever material meets your needs or the existing sidewalk or walkway.

In cases where there are small cracks in the concrete or a few loose paving stones or bricks, we can repair the damage at a reasonable cost.

In cases where your walkway or sidewalk is severely damaged we can removed the damaged area or the entire sidewalk or walkway and replace the concrete, bricks or stones.

We use only the highest quality materials in repairing or replacing your walkway or sidewalk.

We provide you with top notch service when instituting the repairs or replacing your walkway or sidewalk.

Other Concrete Paving Services We Perform


Our concrete and stone paving experts can not only repair or install sidewalks or walkways we can also perform a number of other concrete paving services we perform including:

  •   Paving parking garages and ramps
  •   Concrete balcony installation and restorations
  •   Waterproofing concrete
  •   Building restraining concrete or stone restraining walls
  •   Pouring foundations for new buildings
  •   Paving courtyards and entrances

Get Our Free Examination and Estimate


If you are like most savvy home or business owners you don’t want to commit yourself to having that sidewalk or walkway repaired or replaced without having some idea of the cost in advance of hiring the work done. Here at Haroon Contracting we will happy to come out and examine your sidewalk and give you an estimate as the cost of the repairs or installation. Just give us a call at 1-718-252-2839 and we will be happy to set up a time with you to examine your sidewalk and write up an estimate.

Choosing Between Regular Concrete Sidewalks and Paving Stone Walkways


In most cases, businesses and building owners are quite happy with having a concrete sidewalk installed, but in some cases buildings owners prefer to have something a little more elegant such as a brick or paved stone walkway to add beauty to their home. Whether you choose to have a concrete, brick or paved stone sidewalk installed is entirely up to you and the aesthetics of your building’s decor.







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