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Building Facade Maintenance and Renovation Services NYC


One of the best things about living or visiting New York is being able to visually see the centuries of history through some of these old buildings. In fact, it is quite an awe inspiring sight to see metal and glass high rises sitting next to stately old buildings from 1800s or before.

Then there are the old corner bars, delis and other buildings that have been in existence for several generation and lend an air of history to that quiet meal or night out on the town.

The residents of New York are proud of their cities history and of these older buildings whether these buildings are from the 1870’s or 1970’s and while many building owners purchase a building with renovations in mind others simply are looking to become a part of the history of a given building and want to preserve its historical value and accuracy.

Unfortunately, these old buildings like every building are at the mercy of various weather conditions including rain, sleet, hail, snow, bright sunlight and humidity as well as several environmental factors such as smoke, chemicals in the air and pollution.

While some of the old buildings in New York have been torn down due to disrepair or to make room for newer more modern buildings others have and continue to renovated or preserved to protect their historical significance or simply because of the buildings aesthetic appeal.

What is the Difference Between Renovating and Preserving A Building?

While both renovation and preservation can increase the longevity and useful life of a building, there is a difference in how that that goal is accomplished. Here is a look at the difference between renovating and preserving a building.



Renovating a building can mean several different things. It can mean make changes either externally or internally to an existing building to restore it to a better a condition or make it more aesthetically pleasing for the buildings owner. Renovations can include a whole host of things from rebuilding a fire escape to be safer and meet code regulations to changing the type of windows to make a building more energy efficient to making simple repairs such as painting, changes fixtures on doors, windows, cabinets and so much more.
When your replace or repair stone or masonry features on a building, repair a parapet or paint a facade your are making renovations. The same is true when you paint or building or retain a wooden balcony. While renovations can return a building to a look that is closer to its historical look, other renovations are specifically done to modernize older buildings and make them more appealing to certain people or more convenient for certain uses or to make increase its life span by waterproofing the building or adding specific safety features.



Preserving a building means maintaining a building to keep it in its unaltered (original) condition. Preservation is used to conserve and protect buildings of a historical significance. When preserving a building the contract makes repairs using the same types of materials that were used in the original building. For example if a window cracks in a historic building, then the contractor will replace the window with the same type of class and if possible the same age glass as the window that breaks.

Preserving a building means that the company in charge of the preservation sticks to the original craftsmanship, texture and style to protect the historical accuracy of the building.

Preservation does allow for the updating of certain systems in order to make the building suitable for new needs.

Both Renovation and Preservation have several benefits for the community and the environment. Some of these benefits include:

  •   Renovation or preservation of a building means that there will be less demolition and construction debris.
  •   Less hazardous materials debris that workers need to protect themselves and the general public from.
  •   Less need for new construction materials saving the owner money in the long run as renovation or preservation often causes far less than new construction.
  •   Preserves the sense of history and allows a better understanding of history.
  •   Provides accessibility of the public and average people to historical significant buildings.
  •   Preserves a sense of heritage.

While many contracting companies can do renovations to various types of buildings, it takes a company with a understanding of architecture, different design styles and various types of building materials.

Here at Haroon Contracting we have 20 years of experience in building facade renovations, restoration, and preservation for commercial, residential historical and landmark buildings. Our contractors are highly skilled licensed and ensured and have a deep respect and understanding of historic buildings.
Whether you are looking to renovate or preserve a building you own or manage we will be more than happy to send out one of our experienced contractors to check out your building and give you an estimate for preserving or renovating your building. We will outline for you what repairs are necessary and explain what we will do to renovate or preserve your building.

Just give us a call at 718-252-2839 and we will be more than happy to arrange for someone to come visit your building and thoroughly inspect it before giving you a written estimate as to the cost of renovating or preserving your building.







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