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Professional Parapet Wall Replacement & Restoration Services NYC


A Parapet Wall is a barrier, which is the extension of a wall of a building and can usually be found at the end of a roof, balcony, terrace or walkway. Originally Parapets were use to protect castles and other buildings from attacks by invades. Original parapet walls often had openings from which defenders could shoot arrows and later guns when, protecting their homes and their land. Although the purpose of parapet walls have changed somewhat from ancient times, these walls are still constructed and still serve a purpose, each wall may actually serve a different purpose.

Some parapets walls (around terraces or walkways) are designed to provide a modicum of privacy or simply for decorative purposes.

Parapet walls on roofs or surrounding balconies actually offers protection to people below from debris blowing off the roof or balcony.

Any damage to a parapet not only reduces the looks and the value of your home or your building, it also means that the parapet is unable to perform the purpose for which the parapet was built. In addition, a damaged parapet wall can become a hazard itself especially a parapet that is above ground level.

Damages to Parapet Walls


Parapet walls are made from different materials and depending on their age and the maintenance they receive they can suffer from different degrees of damage. Here at Haroon Contracting we can repair or reconstruct your parapet walls. Why not give us a call at 1-718-252-2839 and we will be happy to come and inspect your parapet, determine whether it can be repaired or needs to be reconstructed, give you an estimate as to the cost of the repairs and let you determine whether or not you want to hire our services.

Should you hire us, we will repair or reconstruct your parapet wall we can do so at providing you with high quality materials and high quality services for a very reasonable price. We can even offer various warranties on work so that you can choose that option that is right for your and your needs.

We are dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality services at the most competitive prices because the integrity of our work is important not only to you, but to us. Your satisfaction is our number goal.







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