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Painting And Waterproof Coating Services in NYC


Whether you are the owner or manager of a commercial or residential building or a single family home in New York City or one of its boroughs maintaining that building is vitally important for many reasons including:

  •   Maintaining your building protects the investment you made in the property and may even increase the value depending on any renovations or repairs made to the property.
  •   Makes your building more appealing to people who are looking to lease space in the building or in cases of individual businesses may make your business more appealing to potential customers.
  •   City codes require building owners to properly maintain their buildings both to help maintain the the atmosphere of the community and the safety of the public.

Keeping your building painted and making sure that waterproofing is applied to certain areas of your building will help improve both the aesthetics of your building and prolong the useful life of your business. Haroon Contracting has 20 years experience in building facade renovation, restoration and preservation of commercial, residential historic and landmark buildings and can provide a wide range of maintenance services to keep your building looking and performing its best.



Haroon Contracting have skilled professional painting contractors that can provide you with both exterior and interior painting services. If you are looking to have a painting service performed Haroon will be more than happy to give you a free consultation, meeting with you to discuss your painting needs, look over the proposed project and provide you with a written estimate.

Exterior Painting


When painting the exterior of a building, there is a good deal of preparation that goes into the project before a coat of paint is ever applied. In many cases, the Exterior of the building is usually power washed, and then any loose paint is scraped off the building before the actual application of paint can be applied.

In some cases, the entire exterior of the building may not need to be painted (mainly due to the type of building material, such as brick) and instead you may only need to have the building’s trim and the lintels and sills painted to leave the building looking its best.

Interior Painting


Interior painting can give an old room or group of rooms an entirely new and fresh look. Interior painting often occurs when renters or building owners want to change the existing color of a room, an apartment, or an entire home or can simply be a new application of the old color to “freshen” up the room. The number of coats it takes to paint an interior depends on many different things including whether or not you are going from a dark or bright color to a lighter color or vice versa, and the amount of primer that is applied before the actual painting begins.

While some people choose to either have their building’s exterior or interior painted, some people want both painted at the same time. In cases, where you have several buildings or want both the interior and exterior painting Haroon Construction may be able to give you a break on package deal so that you save a bit money by having more work done.

Waterproof Coating


Another service that Haroon Construction’s skilled contractors may perform either before or after painting or as a separate service is putting a waterproof coating on some of your building. A waterproof coating can prolong the life of your building by forming a barrier that prevents water and water vapor from moving the exterior wall.

On existing buildings waterproof coating may be, depending on the circumstances be applied to either the exterior or interior of the building. Waterproofing a basement’s wall on an existing building may require the waterproof coating to be applied to the interior rather than the exterior wall since the basement is likely to be below ground level and the exterior wall can’t be reached. Waterproof coating may be also be applied to rooftop decks and terraces, parapet walls, and balcony’s to prevent water from causing erosion or rotting of the materials that make up the floors of the terraces, decks or balconies or to prevent water from seeping into a parapet wall. Waterproof coating is often used in parking structures as well.

Before applying a waterproof coating to any part of your building, Haroon Contracting will inspect the are to be waterproof to ensure that materials to be waterproof is sound and does not need to be repaired prior to being waterproofed

If repairs are needed they will inform you of the necessary repairs and will with your consent include the cost of the repairs in their estimate for waterproofing.

Then with your consent, Haroon’s contractors will make the necessary repairs prior to putting on the waterproof coating.

You do need to keep in mind that different types of waterproof coatings are designed for different uses and the cost of applying the waterproof coating is going to depend not only on the size of job, but the type of coating needed to water coat the given area they you may to have waterproofed.

If you are looking to have your building or any part of your building waterproofed or painted Haroon Contracting will be happy to send someone out to the inspect your building and provide you with a free consultation and estimate. Just give us a call at 718-252-2839 and let us know how we can be service to you.







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