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NYC Masonry Services for Repairing and Rebuilding Walls


If you have spent much time in New York or her boroughs you are bound to notice that many of the buildings in this area have features are made of Concrete, Cement or Stucco. Overtime, these types of materials suffer from the effects of wind, rain, snow, and sun. Exposure to the weather can result in cracks, crumbing concrete, cement or stucco, chips and even missing bricks. Repairing damage to these materials takes the expertise of an expert mason to set your building to rights and help you maintain the value and curb appeal of your building.

Determining the Cause of Deterioration of Your Concrete, Stucco and Cement


In order to correctly repair your concrete, stucco and cement we the cause of that deterioration needs to be determined. Here at Haroon Contracting. we will send out one of our masonry experts to examine your problem and prepare an estimate of the cost to make the repairs. We will then discuss with you the amount of damage, and the necessary repairs of putting your building to rights so that you will have all the information you need to decide if our masonry services are right for you.

Services We Can Perform to Repair Your Concrete, Stucco and Cement


Concrete, Stucco and cement can suffer different degrees of damage and we can handle repairs and restoration for all different degrees of damage including:

  •   Cracks: Small cracks and crevices that appear in your cement, concrete and stucco and if left unattended these cracks can become bigger and cause the material to crumble or split in half. We can repair these small cracks before they become large cracks and thereby preventing more costly problems in the future.
  •   Replacing Specific Cement or Concrete Bricks or Areas If the cement or concrete bricks in your building or wall becomes chipped (traditionally on the corners) Develops large splits or begins crumbling We can remove specific cement or concrete bricks and replace those bricks with new ones in order to return your structure to a more desirable condition.

Restoration Of Large Areas of Your Building


– In some cases, especially with older buildings large areas or the entire side of you cement, concrete, or stucco building or wall may become damaged and need to be replaced in order to restore to your building so it is more functional, appealing and functional. Our skilled masons can restore even large areas of your building breathing new life in that old building and increasing it’s value.

Once we have made all the necessary repairs, we will be more than happy to waterproof your cement, concrete or stucco to help it better withstand the weather and prolong the life of your building, fence or cement, stucco, or concrete areas and features.

Just give us a call at 1-718-252-2839 and we will be happy to send someone to inspect your damage and give you an estimate for our services.







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