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NYC Local Law 11/98 Repairs and Violation Removal


In an effort to protect the public from building owners who neglect to make repairs on multiple storied buildings leaving unsuspecting pedestrians or drivers from being injured from falling parts of buildings that have fallen into terrible states of disrepair the lawmakers of New York City passed Local law 11 in 1998.

Also known as the Facade Safety Program local law 11 requires owners of any building that have 6 stories or more above grade to have their exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every 5 year. Appurtenances include fire escapes, parapets, balconies, cornice and other attachments to the outside of the building. These facade inspections must be conducted by what is known as QEWI. The QEWI must be a professional engineer or licensed registered architect.

Once an inspection has been completed then a technical report is filed with the department of buildings. This report rates the building that was inspected in one of three ways:

  •   Safe: No violations or maintenance issues found
  •   Safe with a repair maintenance program:While the building is safe some repairs need to be attended to in order to keep the building from falling into violations before the next inspection.
  •   Unsafe: Unsafe means that the building has fallen into a bad enough state that the building now poses a threat to the public’s safety.

If unsafe conditions are found by the inspector then the owner of the building must file a unsafe report with the department of building and immediately install safety measures to protect the public from anything that may fall from the building.

Once an unsafe report is filed the building owner has 45 days from the date the inspection is done and the report is filed to make the recommended repair and file an amended report with proof of the repairs. If the repairs that are need will take longer than 30 days to complete the owner can request an extension to give them time to complete the repairs.

How to Avoid Violations of Local Law 11/98


The easiest way to avoid any violations of local law 11/98 is to periodically inspect your building and to make small repairs before they turn into large costly repairs. Of course, not every owner has the tools to inspect a high rise building, but you can hire a contractor do perform scheduled maintenance inspections to insure that your building is kept in good repair.

Before hiring a contracting company to perform scheduled maintenance inspections and repairs, make a list of everything you want the contractor to check. You can base your list on the technical report is filed at the completion of the inspection required by statute to ensure that the contractor checks everything on the list.

While a contractor is not a licensed architect or professional engineer they do have enough knowledge to be able to determine if there are necessary repairs that need to be made in order to keep your building in good condition and should certainly, if they do any repair work on building facades be able to determine if needed repairs are close to becoming a hazard for the public.

How To Get A Law 11 Violation Removed


If you do get a Law 11 violation you will be charged until those violations are corrected and that violation will remain on your record until it is removed. Getting a violation removed is not as difficult as it may seem since you are required to make the necessary repairs needed to bring your building up to code.

The first thing you need to do is to hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs to correct that problems that resulted in the violation within the 30 days required by law without asking for an extension if at all possible. (Each extension will cost you.)

Keep all paperwork regarding the repairs beginning with the estimate from the contracting company you choose and get them to sign a completed work sheet once the repair is accomplished. It may even be in your best interested to take photos of the repair being made and of the complete repairs since you will need to submit proof of the corrections that were made and submit them to the unit that issued the violation. You will also need to file an amended technical report and you may want to include copies of the proof of your repairs in that report as well.

When choosing a contractor you want to choose a contract that specializes in building facades.

We here at Haroon Contracting have over 20 years of experience in building renovation, restoration and preservation.

We have worked on the facades of all types of businesses including commercial buildings of all shapes and sizes, Residential buildings from single homes, to duplexes to large residential buildings. We also have experience working on both Historical and landmark buildings.

Maintenance Inspections


We here at Haroon Contracting will be more than happy to make arrangements with you to conduct scheduled maintenance inspections and notify you of any needed repairs and schedule making those repairs to help keep your building it tip top condition.

Violation Repairs


We will also be happy to make any violation repairs to help bring your building back into compliance, so that you can get the violation removed from your record. In addition, we if your building gets a safe rating with a repair maintenance program we will be more than happy to make those minor repairs as well.

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We also have experts at waterproofing your building to help prevent water damage to your building that can undermine your building’s integrity.
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