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Commercial and Residential Exterior Building Restoration

New York City and it’s boroughs has an interesting assortment of buildings from historic old homes and multiple apartment dwellings, to brownstones to modern high rises and everything in between. The assorted ages and building styles of the buildings of New York are just one of the things that makes this a unique and diverse city with both a modern and historic feel. The one thing that both those old historic building and the newer creations have in common as how the weather conditions in this city can affect the exterior of even the most well designed and built buildings. Wind, rain, snow, sunlight, heat and cold all work against a buildings exterior causing unsightly damage that can overtime destroy a building integrity and can if left unattended result in your building becoming not only an eyesore, but actually put it in danger of crumbling and causing a safety hazard to the public at large.

However, if damages to a building’s exterior is caught in time, repairs or renovations of the damaged areas can prolong the useful life your building and even restore your building integrity.

Here is a look at some of the more common problems that often require restoration on buildings, especially older buildings.

Stone and Masonry


New York and its boroughs have a great many buildings whose facades are made all or partly of stone, brick, or concrete. Over time the mortar holding the various stones and blocks in place can deteriorate and crumble loosening the bricks, concrete and stones. In addition, cold and heat as well dampness can cause the brick, stones, and concrete itself to crack, chip and break causing a safety hazard for both the inhabitants of the building and the general public as well as resulting in various areas where water and moisture can seep in doing further damage to both the exterior and interior of the building and resulting in the growth of mold and mildew which can become a health hazard to people who live or work in these buildings.
Repairing or restoring the areas of these buildings where erosion has occurred, can protect your investment in your building and make it safer while restoring the building soundness.

Roofing and Roof Terraces


Roofs and Roof Terraces are also commonly in need of repair or restoration. Every year there are reports where people are injured from walking about on a roof terrace that has fallen into disrepair and literally give way under the feet of individuals or where railings have weakened and break away ending up causing serious injury and even death to individuals. Repairing and restoring your roofing and roof terraces before they become a danger can save lives and prolong the usefulness of your building.

Parapet Walls


Many older building and more than a few more modern building have parapets that give their building a uniquely attractive look and may actually prevent accidents to people on the sidewalk below your building. Unfortunately, When those parapet walls fall into disrepair, they pose a significant hazard to the public themselves. It is essential if your building has a parapet that it be repaired or restored in order to preserve its integrity and to protect you and the public from potential serious harm.



Cornices are used in many buildings to add a sense of artist flair that enhances the attractiveness of the building. Found on both residential buildings and those for commercial use cornices can add interest to your building and improve its street appeal. However, cornices like every other feature on a buildings exterior is subject to damage from the various weather conditions as well as age and need to be maintained, repaired or restored to prevent them from becoming a hazard.

Window Lintels and Sills


Window sills play a very important part in the structure of your building, as they are designed to force water that runs down your window away from the lower half of your building, protecting that part of your building from much of the damage that can be caused by water. The Lintels on the other hand may be decorative or may actually help to support the wall above the window. Both window lintels and window sills are subject to the same weather conditions as the rest of your building and should be inspected and if need be repaired or replaced.



Many of the more modern building in New York have skylights. Sky lights are not only a huge selling point in many apartments, they also provide an important function of allowing more light into a room, which may be important for certain types of businesses. However, skylights may sometimes become damaged causing the skylight to leak or cracking under strain. A damaged skylight can cause a great deal of damage to your roofing and the interior of your building and should be repaired or restored the moment they show signs of failing to function properly.

Fire Escapes


Fire Escapes perform a very important function for many older buildings in New York as they provide an emergency exit for people in high rise buildings in case of a fire or other emergency. In New York fire escapes are inspected every 5 years to ensure that themselves are safe and are in good working order, so keeping your fire escaped well maintained is not only the responcible thing to do it is the law.

Other Exterior Restorations


Other exterior areas that often need to be repaired or restored include storefronts, canopies, sidewalks, bulkheads, water tanks and more.
In most cases when it comes to restoring or repairing the various features on a building’s exterior these restorations and repairs are best left to professionals to have the skills, knowledge and tools to get the job done right. Here at Haroon Contractors we have are professionals with over 20 years experience in building facade repair and restoration.

We also have experts at waterproofing your building to help prevent water damage to your building that can undermine your building’s integrity.
So if you are looking to have any part of your building’s facade restored give us a call at 718-252-2839 and we will be happy to come and inspect your problem and give you an estimate for our services.







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