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Residential and Commercial Chemical Clean & Power Wash


There is an old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression and while that saying is true for people it is also equally when it comes to how people judge you or your business by their first impression of your home or building. New York City and its five boroughs is packed with multi-level buildings that are used both as dwellings and for commercial use.

If you own a residential building in New York in which you rent apartments or units or are looking to sell, then you want your residential building to have as much curb appeal as possible. Keeping the facade of your residential building repaired and looking clean makes your residential building more appealing.

It is just as important to keep your commercial building looking good as well. Many customers have indicated that their initial decision to choose one business over another is based on how the building looks before they ever set foot through the doorway. The same is true if a person is looking for space for their business in your commercial building. If the outside of the building is clean and pleasant to look at then a business is more likely to want to rent space in your building to continue to conduct their business.

Keeping the facade of these buildings cleaned is important to the appearance of your building. In addition periodically cleaning your building’s exterior actually helps protect your buildings finish and increasing it longevity. Dirt, exhaust fumes, chemicals, and other debris in the air may eat its way into paint or corrode masonry, stone, or metal elements. Removing these types of debris from your buildings exterior can end up saving you thousands of dollars in costly repairs over several years.
There are a couple of different ways to clean the facade of different buildings.

The Power Wash


Power Washing also called pressure washing is a time and labor saving way to clean various areas on the outside of the a building, including its facade, windows, and sidewalks. Power washing is used to remove dust, dirt, grime, mud, and mold from the outside of your building, your sidewalk or windows. Power washing can also be used to remove loose paint when repainting the building.

Power washing can either use cold or hot water and may also include the use of power washing soap. Many of these power washing soaps are organic or natural and contain no damaging chemicals.
Power washing the facade of your building, can help remove harmful chemicals and other types of debris that can harm your buildings paint, or corrode metal or masonry elements.

Since many of the buildings in New York have decorative features such as cornices power washing can reach into the cracks and crevices of these features and push out the dirt and grime so that your decorative features are as clean as the smooth parts of your buildings facade.
While it is possible to rent a power washer to clean a one story or even two story building, it is impossible for normal rental power washes to clean multiple level buildings since scaffolding and other tools may be needed to successfully clean multiple level buildings.

When You Should Chemical Clean A Building


While it is best to use organic cleaning agents when cleaning a building’s facade, there are times when using chemicals to clean a building may become necessary. For example if your building needs to sandblasted, performing a chemical clean on the building can save your building, the surrounding area and passerbys from the side effects of sand blasting. You may also need to use a chemical cleaning to remove graffiti from your buildings facade or a restraining wall.

A Chemical Clean should never be performed by the average building owner since protective measures need to be taken in order to ensure the safety of the cleaner and the people who happen to be around.

Here at Haroon Contracting we have the skilled professionals and the right equipment to power wash or Chemical clean your buildings facade, sidewalks, windows, concrete roofs and other areas of your buildings safely and easily.

Haroon Contacting performs a wide variety of services for building owners and managers in New York and its 5 boroughs as well as Long Island. They have over 20 years experience in building facade, renovations, restoration and preservation including providing maintenance and repair services when requested.

If you are looking for a contractor to power wash or chemical clean your building give Haroon Contracting a call at 1-718-252-2839 and they will be more than happy to give you an estimate for cleaning your building.
In addition, Haroon Contracting will be more than happy to power wash your building on a scheduled basis to keep it looking its best or on an as needed basis.







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